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There are two websites we recommend that you can use to get web counters of various styles which include even very fancy ones. The sites are as below.

After you to any any of these sites just look for the style which suites you. Both of the sites have a good variety of counter styles 100+. So after looking at various stylish counters in detail just make up your mind and select the option menu which is next to that counter. Below on the page you will be able to find the button which says get web counter code. If you click on that button you will get a piece of code which you simply have to paste on your webpage to put the counter there immediately. After placement of the code it will start working immediately and you are ready to go. On both of the sites we have observed that there are two types of counters . First type is that the one which increases with each page load. Put this one if you want the number of times that page have been loaded. The other one is counter by IP . This means the number will only increase if your site gets a new visitor. If you apply this the counter will not increase if a visitor comes again. It obtains this task by finding out the IP address of the visitor. If the IP address is same the counter will not be incremented.
For any new visitor the counter will be incremented.