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To get Free Blog counter for your blogs related website like wordpress, blog we would suggest that you choose out of these two sites


Both of these websites have many good looking and high end styles to select from. You will obviously select the counter style which is most appealing and suitable to you and suits your needs and appear good on your Blogs. Blogs counter can then be put easily on the website once you decision is made. Simply select the design and choose which type of counter you need from underneath the sites. They both offer two types. One type is unique counter and this type calculate number of unique visitors that visits your sites. The advantage of this is that it does not count the visitors that come again again and again. For example if you go to your website 10 times a day it will count your visit just as one and will not increment once you got to your BLOG.
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Second type is the counter which increments with every visit.

There will be an increment of one every time a visitor visit your blog. It will keep track and traffic status of Total visitors that come to your blog. Our Free blog Counter is easy and free to use. Not only is it free but we dont ask for your information like email etc. So feel free to try this out and tell your friends about the services of these two websites offer. We fully recommend them and have tested them thoroughly so we are recommending them.