Tips for Making a Website

Contributed by: Promotion Directory  and Free Web Directory

People who are planning to make their own website can make their own website. This article will focus for the people who are not tech savvy and want to make their site them selves. Also it is for people who don't want to hire a web developer or designer to develop a website.

There are many tools available in market which you can use to develop your own website. Some tools are so easy to use that its using like Microsoft word . For example Microsoft Front page is a tool which is pretty easy to use. Microsoft FrontPage also have prebuilt templates available for various sort of websites.

You can use a template and change the pictures and text you are good to go. There are also other tools available in market. Macromedia's DreamWeaver is a WYSIWYG tool and is used widely even by graphic and web developers . It is even used for development for PHP and other server side scripting languages. For MAC user there is a tool called iWeb.

This tool usually comes with the MACS. There is another tool by the name of HotDog. It is available in various version. This tool have a profession version in which you can write HTML , design css and do a lot of other interesting things. If you are have Microsoft Visual Studio installed then you can do it easily to. One advantage of using Visual Studio is that its help is available very widely as there are millions of people who use it for development.

There is another tool by the name of Namo Web edition. This is also what you see is what you get tool and the site can be developed just by running a wizard. Also they have prebuilt templates from various categories to choose from . You must have images already which should kept on your site. Examples include Logos and other personalized things .

The other good option is that you do it with your web host. This means that almost all of the webhost (we mean bigger ones) have this functionality on their websites that they offer basic website development right from their website. Like other tools you just run a web wizard. It will ask you for some options, will give you choice from tones of prebuilt templates. If you adopt this method your site will be up in a matter of few minutes and also you will be free to change the template at any time without losing any data.