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Developing a blog wasn't easy in past days but now major internet players like google , yahoo and others have provided people with the opportunity to make their own blogs free of charge. This have made it very easy for common people, students and even kids to express themselves. A blog is sort of a diary which you maintain and write small articles. People who are interested on your topic may come to your blogs to take advantage of your views and experiences. Usually blogs are on certain topics and that is why it keeps on getting loyal visitors of that topic all the time.

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For example if you are a bicycle enthusiast you would definitely want to subscribe to the blogs of bicycle icons and and would also like to track major events related to your interest. Also you would like to know
whats happening around this . So what you would do it that you would subscribe to blogs related to bicycling and this way would keep in touch with your passion.

The blog is different from a regular website because it is updated more often and this would make chance that the user will visit it more frequently to find content and latest headlines. A blog is also very often visited by search engines because they like the fresh content and the websites which are update often.
To keep track of visitors of your blog and your traffic you have to put Blog Counter on your website. Although you can develop you own blog type but the famous types of blogs are Wordpress (Very
popular), blogger, weebly, xanga, yahoo and Google blogs. By putting a counter on you blog you as a owner of blog would know that how many people are coming to your blog and visiting your blog. Blog counters comes in many styles and there are very colorful blogs available for you to make your selection. So add counter to blog and start tracking your visitors in real time to make a better marketing strategy. Your Blog counter will increase as the person comes to your blog and this will help you to be better informed about the number of people that are loyal to you and coming to the site.